The make-up brand Nilens Jord was founded in 1982 by Lars Jacobsson. The brand is Danish and the name is inspired by the ancient Egyptians, since Lars has always been impressed by their unique ability to develop make-up and jars for make-up storage.

During the founding years, Lars met his wife Berit and together, they developed the products of Nilens Jord, without compromising on quality and with an eye for Scandinavian needs for tones and nuances. Hard work pays off and the couple has succeeded in making Nilens Jord an attractive and popular brand.


No perfume

In the 90s and as the first brand in Denmark, Nilens Jord decided to remove perfume from all the products, simply because quality is the key word for the brand. Perfume does not add any quality to make-up - it is merely an unnecessary substance.

At that time, it was ground-breaking to remove perfume and also a bit of a gamble for Nilens Jord. The founders held their breath and crossed their fingers, but could soon breathe a sigh of relief, since the quality-conscious Danish woman quickly got the message and the idea behind it.

No parabens

Thus, it was no hard decision to remove parabens from the products and yet again, Nilens Jord was the first brand in Denmark to launch a make-up range, free of both perfume and parabens.

No essential oils

Most consumers are not aware of the true nature of essential oils. Essential oils are the natural perfume of a given substance - for instance lavender and camomile. However, the truth is that essential oils are equivalent to perfume and just as harmful as added perfume. Therefore, removing essential oils from the products was the natural next step to take for Nilens Jord.

Allergy certified skin care

We are constantly developing new products, making Nilens Jord so much more than just sunshine powder. The small clay jar is beautifully surrounded by a complete range of make-up products and Nilens Jord has just launched a range of skin care products, including facial and cleansing care. All the products of this range are also free of perfume, essential oils and parabens - and the skin care range can further be proud of having the international seal AllergyCertified, guaranteeing that all products are skin-friendly.