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Do your mascara contain nickel?

You primarily use two colouring agent when making black mascara: either iron oxide or carbon black. We have decided not to use carbon black, since it is normally in nano form, which we aim to avoid.
Iron oxide (CI 77499) will always contain trace elements of nickel, but the concentration may vary, depending on where and how it is made. In the EU, it is not allowed to add free nickel - however, it is not possible to make black mascara without either nano or traces of nickel.

We have several AllergyCertified aproved mascaras in our range. One of the strictest criteria of AllergyCertified is the nickel content. Their limit as to how much nickel is allowed in a given product is very stringent. The nickel content in our certified mascaras is so low that the risk of an allergic reaction is minimal - even on persons, who are known to suffer from nickel allergy. This means that the concentration is so low that documentation of allergic reactions is impossible. Our mascaras would not be certified if the nickel content was higher. 

I suffer from allergy - can I use your products?

We at Nilens Jord often receive positive feedback from happy customers with allergy issues, such as perfume allergy and nickel allergy, who tolerate our products - however, we have to point out: we cannot guarantee that you tolerate all our ingredients. 

Nilens Jord is make-up and skin care with intense focus on ingredients. We refrain from adding any unnecessary ingredients and all ingredients contribute to an increased product quality. Nilens Jord is completely free from, perfume, essential oils, parabens and no suspicious endocrine disruptors are added.
If your doctor confirms that you suffer from allergy, please ask him to make a list of the substances you are intolerant to. This will make it easier for you, when you are out buying our make-up and skin care, since all ingredients are listed on the packaging. 

Many of the customers, who contact us, are intolerant to trace elements in e. g. colouring agents. Colouring agents are declared as CI, followed by a five-digit number on our boxes.

It is extremely hard, if not impossible, to make a make-up product that everyone tolerates. Some people tolerate pineapple and others don’t, even though it is a healthy fruit, without aromas or preservatives. Skin is different and reacts individually.

Do you perform animal tests?

Nilens Jord does not allow animal testing of our products and ingredients - and luckily, legislation does not allow it either.

Is make-up from Nilens Jord vegan?

Nilens Jord is not developed specifically for vegans and does not aim to be a vegan make-up brand. Thus, some of our products may contain beeswax and/or other animal substances. All the ingredients in our range are listed on the packaging for your reference. Please feel free to contact us with one/several product numbers for further information about ingredients.

Does make-up from Nilens Jord contain substances of animal origin?

Yes, some of our products may contain beeswax and/or other animal substances. All the ingredients of our range are listed on the packaging for your reference.

Does make-up from Nilens Jord contain MI?